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I am always looking for great novels that realistically portray the human experience, and The Way We Go does just that. Roxie Prince doesn't sugar coat the late teen experience, or the reality of growing up in a broken family with a parent who is not reliable. I felt connected to Lindsay, the heroine, in so many ways, and my heart was broken and mended constantly throughout the novel. (...) I admire Prince as an author, and compare her to other great writers who write on the human experience, such as Jodi Picoult, my favorite author. Her work is for young adults and adults alike, and many could learn from the experiences that she writes about.

The fact of the matter is, Prince deserves a wider audience. Her books could easily be taking over the bookshelves of bookstores nationwide, and that is my honest opinion. She knows her audience, but also knows how to write books that can be enjoyed by all. Anyone who is in their pre-teens, or has grown up as a woman, needs to read this book. It will change you.

Prince writes a stellar tale of a hopeless girl trapped in a hopeless situation, who finds herself thrust into an entirely new way of living. Her writing is easy to read and fills the reader with a sense of hope for Lindsay Picou, wanting the best for her the entire way. She explains through story how we may sometimes be able to choose our family, but it's not so easy to choose who we love. Incredible book, I look forward to reading more from Prince in the future!

Beautiful. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. Till the point I woke up early just to finish reading. This short story has a great potential for a novel. It takes the reader on a new and refreshing journey. Should this short story become a novel, I'm sure it will be one of those missing books on bookshelves


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