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This is a signed copy sent directly to you from the author. You can request a personal message, otherwise Roxie will surprise you! Shipping times vary depending on where you live and whether or not she has to order from the printer (these copies sometimes get shipped twice before they reach you -- once to Roxie and then to you), so please be patient and allow up to two weeks for delivery. She promises to get your copy to you as fast as possible, as she appreciates your support. It never goes unnoticed.


An artistic gift beyond her wildest dreams.

A love which transcends time and space.

And a life she never knew she had.

Margot Montgomery is a seventeen-year-old remarkably gifted painter from East Texas who struggles to find her place. The only thing she is sure of is the art she has an inexplicable connection with. Despite her family's wishes, she follows her heart (and her art) to the mountains of Colorado and rents a cabin from a lonely old woman named Joy Love. There, she paints the portrait of a man she's certain she somehow knows but cannot remember. The more she paints, the more she unlocks the secrets her art has for her, soon discovering her story is far more magical than she could have ever imagined. It's no wonder she never fit in with her peers -- she has never really been one of them.

Together, with the man from her painting, Margot leaves her former life behind and sets out on an epic quest to save an entire world of people she couldn't remember a short while before but now loves with all her heart and has no choice but to redeem

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