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This is a signed copy sent directly to you from the author. You can request a personal message, otherwise Roxie will surprise you! Shipping times vary depending on where you live and whether or not she has to order from the printer (these copies sometimes get shipped twice before they reach you -- once to Roxie and then to you), so please be patient and allow up to two weeks for delivery. She promises to get your copy to you as fast as possible, as she appreciates your support. It never goes unnoticed.

What is flash fiction, and why should you be reading it? Flash fiction is a genre of bite-sized stories perfectly-portioned for a public transportation commute, a lunch break read, or a midday pick-me-up. They are ideal for telling a scary story — there’s just enough time for the creeps to crawl and for things to go bump.

In this first volume of flash fiction from Roxie Prince, the author of COMPENDIUM: A Horror Novelette, there’s 50 creeptastic tales, all 500 words or less, about the nightmares of cave diving, murderous husbands, ghouls who lurk in the fog, childhood doppelgängers, psychopathic friendships, highway horrors, and much more.

Dim the lights, snuggle up, and take a bite of FLASH!

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