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Growth Spurt, the companion novel to The Way We Go, by Roxie Prince. This is a signed copy sent directly to you from the author. You can request a personal message, otherwise it will just come signed. Shipping times vary depending on where you live and whether or not she has to order from the printer (these copies sometimes get shipped twice before they reach you -- once to Roxie and then to you), so please be patient and allow up to two weeks for delivery. She promises to get your copy to you as fast as possible, as she appreciates your support. It never goes unnoticed.


Two years after the end of The Way We Go, the debut novel by Roxie Prince, Growth Spurt picks back up with Katie Sterling and her friends as they turn thirteen and enter the confusing era of their lives wherein they are unsure whether to start growing up or to cling tightly to their childhoods.

Katie grapples with her boycrazy peers, and her inability to connect with them. As a member of the Young Debutante Society, she has her "coming out" party to prepare for, but her friendships and her identity come into question as the event approaches.

Michaela's family is in turmoil over her parents' divorce, and she and her brother rebel. Michaela tries to find solace in chaos, but her desire to grow up too fast puts her in a terrible position, leaving her feeling more alone than ever before.

Rachael and Aubrey struggle to find their place in their new dynamic. Aubrey’s strong Mormon faith and head-in-the-the-clouds personality separates her from her friends. Rachael struggles to assert herself and form an identity of her own while balancing the excitement of her first, secret, boyfriend.

All four girls have a lot of growing up to do; whether they do it together or not is what they'll have to decide.

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