YOUNG ADULT contemporary

The Way We Go




Lindsay Picou is sixteen going on thirty. She's been forced to not only take care of herself but to raise her little sister, too, because their mother, Gloria, is a part-time prostitute and a full-time wanderer. 
Then, Gloria meets Ben. He not only changes her life for the better but Lindsay's, too. 
These changes come with a set of challenges Lindsay isn't equipped for; she has to learn to be a student, a friend, and a daughter. In short, she has to learn how to be herself in a completely new world, and she is forced to learn things about the people in her life that both hurt and free her.  
Just when she starts to feel like she's getting a handle on things, she meets Micah, Ben's best friend, and things get a lot more complicated.


***This edition contains an excerpt from the companion novel, Growth Spurt.***

Growth Spurt

Two years after the end of The Way We Go, the debut novel by Roxie Prince, Growth Spurt picks back up with Katie Sterling and her friends as they turn thirteen and enter the confusing era of their lives wherein they are unsure whether to start growing up or to cling tightly to their childhoods.


Katie grapples with her boycrazy peers, and her inability to connect with them. As a member of the Young Debutante Society, she has her "coming out" party to prepare for, but her friendships and her identity come into question as the event approaches.


Michaela's family is in turmoil over her parents' divorce, and she and her brother rebel. Michaela tries to find solace in chaos, but her desire to grow up too fast puts her in a terrible position, leaving her feeling more alone than ever before.


Rachael and Aubrey struggle to find their place in their new dynamic. Aubrey’s strong Mormon faith and head-in-the-the-clouds personality separates her from her friends. Rachael struggles to assert herself and form an identity of her own while balancing the excitement of her first, secret, boyfriend.

All four girls have a lot of growing up to do; whether they do it together or not is what they'll have to decide.


new adult fantasy/paranormal


An artistic gift beyond her wildest dreams.

A love which transcends time and space.

And a life she never knew she had.

Margot Montgomery is a seventeen-year-old remarkably gifted painter from East Texas who struggles to find her place. The only thing she is sure of is the art she has an inexplicable connection with. Despite her family's wishes, she follows her heart (and her art) to the mountains of Colorado and rents a cabin from a lonely old woman named Joy Love. There, she paints the portrait of a man she's certain she somehow knows but cannot remember. The more she paints, the more she unlocks the secrets her art has for her, soon discovering her story is far more magical than she could have ever imagined. It's no wonder she never fit in with her peers -- she has never really been one of them.

Together, with the man from her painting, Margot leaves her former life behind and sets out on an epic quest to save an entire world of people she couldn't remember a short while before but now loves with all her heart and has no choice but to redeem.


Ealanta: The Golden City

Five years after saving the Gaols from their ghostly prison, Margot’s gift returns.

Pregnant and happier than she’s ever been, Margot’s new and peaceful life is thrown into turmoil when her long-dormant gift awakens. She paints a portrait of a beautiful, glistening, golden city and knows it means a new adventure for her and her friends. 

Her condition prevents her from making the journey with Asa and the others. It tests Margot’s resolve and her faith. Forced to stay behind with a few new friends, she has no choice but to relinquish control and allow the strengths of her friends to take center stage. Still, she’s plagued, once again, with too many unanswered questions:

What awaits them in this golden city? Who needs their help? What dangers will they face along the way? And will they return unharmed? Will she be able to deliver this baby without Asa by her side? What else is her gift trying to tell her?

Join Asa, Kieran, Adelaide, and the others as they travel to a new and exciting land to solve an intriguing mystery. Meeting new friends along the way, they must work together to bring back the light and chase back the shadows.